Fast-Track to Lower Scores


Golf On The PGA Tours: Why Pro Tour Golf College?

If your dream is to work in the golf industry because you don’t think you have what it takes to play golf on tour then you’ve definitely come to the wrong website.

Most golf academies in Australia and elsewhere are going to offer you some sort of diploma or certification to entice you to stay in their golf program for longer. We Won’t!

If you want to sell golf shirts in a pro shop, wash golf carts, or work for a golf committee or golf management company then Pro Tour Golf College is definitely not for you?

You see we don’t want to waste one extra second of your valuable time training you to become a professional tour player if what you really want to do is study for a qualification that will lead you to a job working at a golf facility.

“You don’t have enough time to study for a qualification and become a professional tour golfer. Its one or the other!”

If you’re accepted into the PTGC program you will be required to work long hours learning how to develop every aspect of your golfing potential from mental skills development through to tournament planning and preparation.

“Do you want to be in twenty percent of the field that makes eighty percent of the prize money or in the eighty percent of the field that shares what’s left?”

Golf On Tour is a Tough Business
Let’s face it, if you aren’t finishing in the top twenty percent of the field (top 30) when you compete at any professional golf tour event then you’ll more than likely be spending more money than you’re making. At PTGC you will learn how to lower your score average because that is the bottom line of professional tournament golf; the lowest golf score wins every time.

And that’s the bottom line of PTGC we’ll teach you the “Fast-Track to Lower Scores.”

Learn from Two of the Best in the Golf Instruction Business
PTGC was established by two well known Australian PGA members and good friends Lawrie Montague and David Milne both of whom have extensive backgrounds in developing the careers of elite amateur and professional golfers over more than twenty years. David and Lawrie know exactly what it takes to succeed on a pro golf tour today because as former tour players themselves they have seen first hand what the difference is that makes the difference, and they and their expert staff can teach you the critical skills pathway and mind-set that help’s you to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

“We will teach you how to become a LOW SCORING golf tournament professional today, so you can qualify to play golf on tour tomorrow.”

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