Pesan singkat dari ‘Coach’ Arron Cole buat Junior Golf Indonesia ini diambil dari Fb-nya, 19 Januari 2015, yang menceritakan tentang contoh-contoh dari pegolf  legendaris Jack Nicalus lewat page fb-nya

” Junior Indonesians always remember .. play this game with respect for the traditions of the game and respect for your playing partners and rules and rules officials of the game.
Play with pride an passion but never cross over to gamesmanship on the course. This is not part of the great game of golf.
No matter how much it means to you ..
Remember Parents giving advice on the course is against the rules .. your children will incur 2 shot penalties with chance of being disqualified. As in life they will learn from the mistakes…
Your job is to support an encourage them.. support the effort they put in ..”

Jack Niclaus by Arron Cole
“It’s unprecedented. It’s remarkable. It’s a testament to the way Jack has played the game. He focused very precisely on winning those major championships. He plays the game with a passion much like he did as a kid.” – Tom Watson ‪#‎riseofjack

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