Pro Tour Golf College is an Australian based college for aspiring amateurs and professional golfers who want to play on a professional golf tour, is opening its first International campus in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015.

There will be two major programs on offer, based at world class facilities. The full-time Elite Golfer Program will be based at the Emeralda Golf Club just outside Jakarta, and the part-time Junior Development Program will be based in South Jakarta at the Pondok Indah Golf Course.

These holistic and highly specific golf development programs are the first of their kind in South East Asia, geared towards the implementation of a long term golfer development pathway.

The Elite Golfer Program is aimed at getting both amateur and professional players equipped with all the skills necessary to become a competent elite amateur or successful tour player.

PTGCI is a college not an academy, the distinction lies in their highly planned approach to golf development. PTGCI students are developed around a periodized training approach-the same approach used by Olympic coaches to develop their students over long periods of time.

Golf academies tend to develop their students around shorter time frames with the main focus on improving full swing technique as opposed to a long-term and holistic plan for improvement that is driven by the annual tournament schedule.

The college’s culture and main point of focus is on developing a low score mentality which is achieved by identifying, isolating and improving key skill areas that leads to a lower competitive score average.

Lawrie Montague and David Milne founders of Pro Tour Golf College have developed their training and development systems over 30 years teaching elite amateurs and professionals in the Australian golf system as national and state coaches.

Their approach to player improvement has helped their players to compete on all the major professional golf tours across the globe.

The Elite Golfer Program at Emeralda Golf Club, in phase 2 will provide students with the opportunity to live on campus and have every facet of their golf game improved from the mental game, to technical skill development, strategic planning and tournament preparation as well as physical development.

A state of the art golf gymnasium, putting lab, Trackman Launch Monitor’s integrated with balance plate technology will all be available to students enrolled in the college. PTGCI also plans to introduce the GEARS Golf 3D System which is a full-swing club and body tracking system to measure and analyse every nuance of a golf swing, in full 3D, from address to follow through.

GEARS is the most advanced motion capture system to date, and will be available at the Emeralda campus.

PTGCI has been in the pipeline for over 3 years with Lawrie and David conducting junior and elite camps in an effort to build a strong relationship with the Indonesian Golf Association and the also state associations.

This relationship has seen Indonesia elite golfers sent to train at the Pro Tour Golf College campus which is based at the Joondalup Resort in Perth, Western Australia.

Pro Tour College International Emeralda (2)

PTGCI chose Jakarta, as its first international campus because it’s not only a central hub in Southeast Asia but also one of the most affordable cities in the world to live in and develop your golf potential. The cost of living is at least half that of countries such as Australia, USA and many European countries.

This means that golfers can travel from around the globe to live and train in a warm climate year round at a world class facility. This will attract serious amateur golfers and tour players from South East Asia as well as national, high school and college teams from outside of South East Asia.

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